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Trees that grow in an urban environment are frequently affected by the conditions around them - namely the soil.  It can lack the essential nutrients needed for trees to thrive.


Fertilization is used to promote tree health and vigor and to correct nutrient deficiencies.  A healthy tree will be more resistant to insects, diseases, and environmental stresses and is more likely to exhibit its best landscape traits.


For expert assistance with tree fertilization in Southlake or the surrounding area, contact us today!  We can custom tailor a fertilization program specific to your trees at your home!


Includes :

  • Mineral nutrients necessary for plant health
  • Micronutrient and beneficial microbe package
  • Superthrive vitamin solution
  • Maxicrop soluble seaweed
  • Soil surfactant to aid in dispersal and keep products in root zone
  • May be prescribed with or without a soil test



Why Should I Fertilize My Trees?

Without proper nutrition, trees usually will not reach their full landscape potential, will be more susceptible to pests and diseases, and can have a shorter life span than a well-nourished tree.  Poor color, poor growth, and repeated health problems can all be signs that the tree is malnourished.  Management practices such as irrigation and lawn maintenance can have a strong affect on nutrient availability.  Site conditions such as soil type, quality and pH can also strongly influence growing conditions for trees.  Our fertilization program is designed to provide all of the necessary nutrients for proper growth, promote soil microbiology, and to maintain a healthy balance.


  • Grid-spaced hydraulic application method decreases compaction and increases aeration and water infiltration, further benefiting roots
  • Nutrients are applied directly into the root zone, beneath the reach of most turf grasses
  • Our organic nitrogen source is slowly released to the trees over the course of the growing season, simulating the way they are fertilized in natural environments
  • Organic amendments are added to the soil to improve structure and promote healthy microbiology
  • Proper Fertilization can improve vigor and correct nutrient deficiencies which result in poor color and chlorotic growth



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