Tree Care Specialists

Solving Environmental Issues

Air Spade

  • Expose buried root flares
  • Compaction relief
  • Diagnostic tool


Vertical Mulching

  • Incorporate organic matter into soil profile
  • Improve soil aeration
  • Improve soil drainage properties
  • Improve soil microbiology

Root Collar Correction

  • Correct soil/mulch depth at root collar
  • Identify and remove girdling roots


Plant Health Care

A holistic approach to balance health

and aesthetics for healthy plants.

Plant health care is a holistic approach to manage and balance the health and aesthetics of plants in a landscape, as well as the needs of the owner. The primary goal is to create healthy plants in order to minimize the negative effects of pests, diseases, and extreme environmental conditions. Our PHC program utilizes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to help us reduce the effects of treatments on non-target species and lower environmental impact, while still providing safe and effective control of pests.


Insect & Disease Control


Environmental Issues

Problems with soil, sun or water can be devastating, and symptoms can often resemble pest or disease damage. These problems can usually be corrected if addressed in time. A consultation with your arborist can help you distinguish between pest and disease infestations or environmental issues.


Common Problems:

• Planted too deeply                                 • Sunscald

• Over mulched                                         • Lawn equipment damage

• Over/under watering                             • Construction damage

• Girdling roots                                          • Poor planting stock

• Freeze damage                                       • Compacted soil

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